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What we offer

Milkana - 2015

We collaborate with a wide range of professional musicians who are able to interpret the music you want and produce it perfectly, as you request.
We are highly specialized in music in which the acoustic piano plays a major role. Different sounds and styles like Pop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Latin and Classical music flow into our creative process.

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You have a corporate identity, you have a corporate design, but do you have a
corporate sound design?
We create a new or adapted sound concept and sound design for your company and take care of all musical matters pertaining to your advertisements, following your requirements and wishes.

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Successmusic Logo


We set your advertising spots and commercials to music; we compose new songs, jingles, soundlogos, music for websites, music for telephone waiting loops, and music for films or visual material.


We arrange and adapt already existing music into a new and fresh sound, e.g., for repositioning a product while maintaining the substantial identity of the music.


Our sophisticated professional musicians produce your complete audio-files, recorded, mixed and mastered in top-grade recording studios.

T-Mobile HTC One - 2014

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